Once you are done focusing your home-remodeling interests on the primary living areas of the home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and den), it may be time to consider turning the rec room into a home theater. This is especially true if this area of the home is used infrequently. After all, what could be better than having your own personal theater to watch flicks and home videos anytime you want?

While this type of home-remodeling project may seem a bit daunting at first, hiring professional contractors can simplify it to a manageable level. Experienced remodeling contractors understand all of the intricacies of such a project from rewiring and electrical needs to permit acquisition to the placement of lighting fixtures and speakers to everything in between.

Some of the home theater components that you might want to consider include: wireless touch panel, wireless keypad, and surround sound. Wireless access to a synchronized setup of each electronic device (lights, music, video, audio, thermostat, and more) provides an easy-to-use environment that is appreciated by everyone using the theater. Arranging for wireless keypad capability enables the ability to access Internet content for viewing right in your new home theater.

Major points that you need to consider include the style of theater seats that you would like installed, along with how many you need and the brand of theater equipment that you want installed. While many home theaters make use of large screen televisions, you may want to consider a high-tech polymer screen and ceiling-mounted projector for the best result.

Preparatory phases of a home remodeling project involving the transformation of a rec room into a home theater include waterproofing the walls and floors as well as soundproofing the walls shared by other areas of the home. New wiring, insulation, and the installation of an HVAC system may also be needed. Nice touches to finish up your project include the installation of an intercom, Internet capability, and cable hook up.


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