With the price of movie tickets and concessions constantly rising, fewer people are going to the movie theatre nowadays. Some people are starting to create and design their own home theatre, and now you can do the same! Due to more affordable technology, your family can now enjoy a movie theatre experience without having to leave your home.

The first thing to consider is the location of your home theatre room. The room should be somewhat isolated from the rest of the house so it does not disturb other activities. You can build a wing off of the family room or close in a second-story space. If you have a two-story home, give the entire upstairs a movie theatre ambiance and makeover, while leaving the downstairs to your main living area.

After you have decided where the theatre room is going to be, give some thought to insulation. This will help keep the sound of movie explosions, loud music and other sounds from shaking or interrupting the rest of the house. Additional sound barriers can be added after wiring takes place. Not sure what type of insulation to use? We can help you there!

Lighting can be a key element to creating your home theatre and help give that perfect ambiance. Recessed lighting and sconces are great options. Installing a dimmer control will give you free range over how bright the lights will be during a movie showing. If you have younger children, they may prefer to have brighter lights. Or if you and your spouse would like to have a date night, the lights can be dimmed darker to give you that full movie theatre experience.

A high-tech polymer projector screen with a ceiling mounted projector will give the best results for your movie viewing experience. Also, consider what types of electronics will be connected to the screen, such as; a DVD or Blue-ray player, cable/satellite, game consoles, or a home theatre PC system. This will all help with the wiring process of the room.

Besides home decor options, the type of seating will put the finishing touches on your home theatre room. Will you use sofas, loveseats and/or recliners? Or would you prefer more authentic theatre-style seating? Determine the positioning of the furniture and if you would like any to be inclined.

Our designers at Westside Remodeling can help you bring this Hollywood vision to reality! Give us a call or come by our showroom for wonderful ideas, tips and suggestions for your very own home theatre!


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