Your Personal Oasis – Part 1 

For the homeowner, a bathroom should be a personal oasis. It is easy and affordable to enhance the look of this private room which will provide you and your guests with a serene, peaceful atmosphere.  These styling tips will assist you in learning how to make your bathroom trendy and modern with the help of furniture.

  • Choose the right size of vanity mirror: Vanity mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. If you have a larger bathroom, choose a wide mirror that spans the length of the wall above your sink. Choose a smaller mirror with a decorative trim for a smaller guest bathroom.
  • Consider granite countertops:  To achieve a luxurious and even romantic feel in your bathroom, granite countertops are a smart consideration as they come in a variety of colors and can add an extra sparkle to the room.
  • Store your stuff in style:  Make your medicine cabinet marvelous; think about choosing a tri-view medicine cabinet which adds dimension as well as storage space for all of your toiletries.
  • Make room for your makeup:  Choosing to include a makeup drawer in your bathroom, for the lady of the house, will add an elegant, but functional touch. This will provide space for all of your beauty products so that no space is taken up on the counter tops by unsightly containers and make-up cases.

Though the bathroom is generally unobserved, at least within public view, and is usually concealed, the bathroom is absolutely one of the “most inspected” areas of the home.  Few places are so private. It speaks volumes about our own personality and character as a homeowner. This is one of the reasons why, aside from maintaining its cleanliness, we have to be certain that it appears as inviting and attractive as the other portions of our home.

Relaxation and comfort are common identifiers for our bathrooms.  Most of our daily habits occur there – from brushing our teeth to taking a shower.  Because a great deal of comfort and relaxation occur in our bathrooms, we have to ensure that this room of the home encourages a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to anyone who visits there.

If you are installing furnishings in a new addition or remodeling a current bath, you may choose to purchase a built-in cabinet and sink or vanity with an attached or separate medicine cabinet. If your bathroom has storage space, a linen closet and overhead storage cabinet, this will be most efficient. If not, select a space-saving model that frames the toilet area.

As you decide which cabinets you need, consider:

  • What will go in the cabinets
  • Who will use them
  • What are the benefits of different materials
  • Risks associated with different styles



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