One of the easiest ways to give your home a facelift is to bring in a professional for an interior painting makeover. A fresh coat of paint can recreate your space, adding new life to each room. Since the color of the paint is going to set the tone of the room, make your choice carefully.

Bring home samples of the paint colors that you are considering to help you envision what each room will look like. Collect samples in varying shades of the same color to give you a better idea of whether or not your first choice is actually your best selection.

If you are going to continue using the existing carpet, furniture, and draperies for any of the rooms, be sure to bring a small sample of their coloring for comparison whenever possible.

Use the background color of any prints featured in your furniture, drapery, or carpeting to match your paint. This strategy creates a more harmonious look for the room.

Step away from the traditional selection of white and off white for the molding and choose a lighter shade of the paint color that you select for the walls.

Choosing Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Glossy, or Glossy Finish

If the room, hallway, or foyer walls have minor indentations or cracks in them, then you may want to consider a flat or matte finish. This type of finish hides imperfections more easily. However, it does not always hold up to washing, so you may want to consider flat enamel paint for walls in a high traffic area.

Paint with an eggshell finish offers the slightest hint of gloss, so it cleans up better than a flat or matte finish. It is also recommended for walls in a high traffic area

Paint with a satin, semi-glossy, or glossy finish holds up well to washing, so it is suitable for trim and doors, as well as any room that does not have a great deal of illumination, since it reflects light more readily than a flat or matte finish.

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