Many homeowners contact us here at Westside Remodeling with a lot of questions about the remodeling process. Are you feeling uncertain about the process as well? Perhaps you have never worked with a professional remodeler before, and you aren’t sure what is your first step. You also may wonder how much guidance we will give you along the way, and how many of the details you will have to figure out for yourself. We get asked that a lot!

So, we want to emphasize that one of the big advantages of choosing Westside for your project is that we make the entire remodeling experience easy and enjoyable for you!  Through the years, we’ve developed a 3-Step Process that we follow with every project so it runs smoothly and efficiently. Working with Westside, you won’t need to worry that any of the fine details will be neglected. Every decision will be brought to the table at the appropriate time.

STEP 1: Free Initial Consultation

First we set up an appointment for you to visit our showroom for a free, no obligation consultation. You can see photos of our work and read testimonials from our previous clients. During this meeting we listen attentively to your desires, needs and your vision for your remodel. We also discuss your timeline and budget. Then we introduce our four cabinet lines and you can have an up-close look at many samples  of each line. This showroom meeting is not a requirement, but it helps us learn your preferences as to styles and colors before we make the initial visit to your home. Our first home visit is also at no cost to you.

STEP 2: Design Agreement

With your authorization, we utilize the information we gained from Step 1 to create a conceptual floor plan and a job description that beautifully incorporates your vision for your home. At this point, we collect a fee of $250.00 for the initial drawings and designing. We also prepare an estimate for your project. If you decide to move forward with Westside Remodeling, we will work with you to develop the final design and make selections of all the finishes. In this case, the $250.00 fee is credited toward your design agreement. Otherwise, it is non-refundable. The average design agreement fee for a kitchen is approximately $3000.00. The average design agreement fee for a bathroom is approximately $1000.00. You pay half of that up front and half upon receiving the finished design agreement. If you choose to use Westside Remodeling to complete the construction/remodeling, you are credited 50% of the design agreement fee towards the construction.

STEP 3: Construction Proposal

When the design decisions and selection of finishes are complete, we present a detailed proposal with the exact price of your project. If you approve the proposal, we obtain permits and begin the on time, on budget, professional construction of your project GUARANTEED!

Have we answered most of your questions? We would be glad to discuss this in more detail, if you wish! Please feel free to call us at 805-499-4121 or visit our website.


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