If you are about to do a bit of remodeling, why not consider creating a green bathroom? True, the initial cost might increase a bit with the constraints that come along with going green. However, the benefits far outweigh the extra expense especially since you should be able to recoup some of the added cost anyway.

Tankless hot water heaters use less energy than traditional hot water heaters. Even though tankless hot water heaters do cost more than those with tanks, the extra savings that you realize on your utility bill will more than pay for it.

Grey water recycling is gaining steam in some areas of the county as another of the greener living ideas. Installing a grey water recycling unit is an excellent idea for green bathrooms. Check the zoning regulations and codes for your town since these systems are relatively new and not approved yet in all counties. A grey water system collects the water from sinks, showers, washing machines, and bathtubs. It filters the water and then makes it available for secondary uses such as flushing toilets or irrigating the lawn.

Lighting needs vary according to the style and size of the bathroom as well as individual needs due to vision problems. Incorporating a skylight or window is one of the best methods for creating a greener bathroom. Using fluorescent lighting is the greenest plan. You can incorporate electronic ballasts to enhance the efficiency of the lighting. A secondary option, although less green, would be to incorporate lighting that uses halogen options.

When purchasing products such as adhesives, sealants, and caulks to use with your projects, you should purchase products that advertise low VOCs or no VOCs. Additionally, bathroom cabinetry often contains VOCs, so you should attempt to purchase cabinetry that has low levels listed. This might include cabinetry constructed from wheatboard. If the cabinetry includes urea-formaldehyde, then it has higher levels of VOCs and should be avoided in a green bathroom. Our expert team at Westside Remodeling can assist you with making these decisions.

The same care should be taken when selecting vanity tops for the green bathroom plan. If the vanity tops contain urea-formaldehyde, then you should steer clear of it. Several of the major manufacturers carry alternative products that present green living qualities.

Proper ventilation offers the potential to avoid harmful chemicals needed to treat the mildew and mold that can flourish in poorly ventilated bathrooms. A functioning skylight that opens is an excellent option since it serves a dual purpose due to its ability to cut back on your use of electricity as well. A properly insulated window that opens out is another excellent option for green bathrooms.

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