Sophistication and elegance in design and furnishings create a sense of excitement about any room of the home, but a growing trend is quickly making the bath into the new status room. Why should such a personal room gain this title? It’s easy to understand when you look at all of the modern indulgences that today’s bath can have. Why not create a new status room in your home and upgrade the bath into your own personal area of Zen?

Bathroom remodelingJapanese Ofuro baths are available in different shapes and sizes, providing the ability to personalize your bath according to your tastes. The traditional wooden Japanese Ofuro bath is handcrafted, styled to provide the ultimate in indulgence, and delightfully aromatic. Indoor Japanese Ofuro baths are installed in an attractive river stone recess that catches the water that laps over the edge.

Quick draining showers offer revolutionary designs with clean lines. These linear shower drains offer a unique touch of elegance and luxury for any residential home as well as for spas and gyms. Along with the quick draining shower system, a complete overhaul of the shower turning it into an airy stall of luxury is now popular. Some homeowners are even considering European style walk-in showers, transforming a secondary bath into a luxurious spa-like shower.

Ventilation fans provide the fastest way to eliminate steam from the mirrors. They also extend the life of the finishes used throughout your bath. Consider also the installation of a ventilation fan with a humidity sensor that turns on and off automatically.

Skylights allow sunshine to brighten the bath, glistening upon shiny chrome and freshly laid tile. Along with the installation of skylights, south-facing windows can be installed for a welcoming touch of brightness for the room.

Privatization of the toilet delivers a unique quality to the master bath. A privacy wall delivers the perfect touch of discretion. Consider a partial privacy wall if your bath is on the smaller side to keep the room open and as airy as possible.

The designers at Westside Remodeling can help you determine which of these features can work in the space available in your home. They will also look to blend your bathroom project with the overall style of your home. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. They can also guide you through the myriad of other fabulous possibilities to make your bathroom into a real head-turner!


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