Small bathrooms can pose some interesting problems. One of the issues with a small bathroom is the need to find space for the important items such as the linen closet and towel bar. If necessary, the linen closet can be moved to a closet outside the bathroom. However, there are places in a small bathroom where you can still install a towel bar even if you do not have the wall space.

Bathroom Door
The back of the bathroom door is often reserved for full-sized mirrors. However, when space is at a premium in a small bathroom, the back of the bathroom door is the perfect place to install the towel bar. Be sure that the bar does not interfere with the opening and closing of the door and that it does not come in contact with the wall or any other wall fixtures when the door is moved. You can install multiple levels of towel bars on the back of the bathroom door to make room for more towels.

Bathroom Window
Many bathrooms, even small bathrooms, have space between the bottom of the bathroom window and the floor. Install a towel bar that stretches out the entire width of the window to offer as much bar space as possible. In some cases, the space between the window and the floor may only be tall enough for smaller towels and hand towels. However, any towel space you can make in your small bathroom is advantageous.

Vanity Mirror
Small bathrooms often have a vanity mirror that is installed over the bathroom sink. On either side of the mirror there is often enough space to install towel rings. Towel rings work in much the same way as towel bars, but they take up less space. You can only put one towel on a towel ring, but it can be a convenient way to hang towels in your small bathroom.

Shower Curtain Rod
If all else fails, then try installing a second shower curtain rod that will act as a towel bar. Install the second shower curtain rod on the outside of the rod that holds the shower curtain, and use it to hold your towels. You may have to take the towels down to use the shower, but at least you will have your small bathroom towel bar.

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