For homeowners who decide to remodel an existing home rather than move into a newer one, the bathroom is often a good place to start. Small bathrooms can be found in homes throughout California as well as many other states. The problem with a small bathroom isn’t just that it limits how much you can keep in there, but it also makes some people feel rather claustrophobic. The solution is to remodel a small bathroom so that it appears larger than it actually is, giving people a more relaxed feeling when they enter the room.

One of the easiest ways to remodel a small bathroom so that it gives the illusion of being larger than it is in reality is to replace the existing bathtub, shower stall, or sink with ones that are smaller. Since they take up less room, you actually create more space in the bathroom. If even more space is needed, talk to one of our remodeling specialists about additional options, such as installing a corner tub or stall.

Since dark, bulky shower curtains can make the room look smaller, consider having clear, glass shower doors installed. Since the light can shine through the tub or shower doors, the room will look a bit larger. To avoid the need to keep space available for a swing out door, choose sliding doors instead.

Install a small sink to replace a larger one. You can consider either a wall-mount sink or an attractive pedestal sink. Each of these sink types take up less space than some of the larger styles that include a cabinet.

When you have your bathroom remodeled, choose lighter colors for the walls and flooring to give the appearance of spaciousness. Colors such as beige, sand, off white, and white really add a touch of brightness to the room.

Remodeling a small bathroom so that it appears larger doesn’t necessarily mean that you must tear out the walls to actually make it bigger. With a few strategies like the ones suggested, you can transform your tiny bathroom into a bright, airy room that gives the illusion of spaciousness and comfort.

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