Remodeling your entire home provides a fresh, new look, but it also may be a larger investment than your budget can handle right now. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to wait to begin the process until you have saved enough money to bring your whole vision to completion. Westside Remodeling has some suggestions for moving ahead in the right direction.

1. Make your wish list
2. Determine your budget
3. Set priorities
4. Meet with our Westside Remodeling design team
5. Work out a plan to remodel in phases, one room at a timeBathroom remodeling

Instead of remodeling your entire home at once, you can select one, well-used room in your home and give it a facelift now, and then move on to the next phase of your plan at a later date. By planning ahead, you can be sure that all the spaces in your home will integrate beautifully once remodeling is complete.

The first phase of your remodeling project is going to depend on what it is that you are looking to incorporate–more space, more light, a flooring upgrade, larger windows, new doors, or a new function for the existing room. While each of these remodeling ideas have merit, you should focus on the ones that are the most important to you and see just how far your financial budget is going to allow you to go at the moment.

Westside Remodeling will help you look at structural changes first. Perhaps you wish to improve traffic flow and bring more light into a room by having a wall removed between that room and an adjoining room, thereby enlarging the space. We will help you determine whether this is a structurally sound project. It’s important, for example, to know whether the wall is load-bearing and what is inside the wall—such as electrical, HVAC or plumbing—before it is demolished. If this option isn’t feasible, we can suggest other alternatives. You may decide to bring more light into the space through installing larger windows or skylights, for example.Room Additions

Perhaps it’s time to remove worn-out carpeting or sheet vinyl and replace it with beautiful wood flooring or tile. Fresh paint in a bold new color will update the look of the room. Cabinets or countertops in today’s sleek, modern styling will completely transform the space. New cabinetry adds both functionality and refinement to a room. Since the floors, walls and cabinets are the largest areas of most rooms, any change that you make is going to create a big difference that you’ll appreciate instantly. Depending on the room and its purpose, other remodeling changes that you might want to consider include adding built-ins, such as bookcases, a fireplace, or a desk.

Whatever you choose, making a plan to remodel in phases can help you complete your vision for your home for an investment that fits your budget. We at Westside Remodeling would love to work with you on your plan.

— Bob Sturgeon


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