Working out has become part of the American way of life. It’s a great way to meet up with friends and get in shape at the same time. However, there’s a lot to be said for installing a private exercise gym. This is particularly true for busy executives and professionals who put in long hours and simply just want to get home to see the family. With a private exercise gym waiting at home, it’s easy to work out and still have enough time to spend with family each night.

Flooring Ideas

The primary purposes of the gym’s flooring are to reduce noise and protect the structure of the floor. Rubber mats on top of the existing floor are a good idea, or you can put down several layers of an appropriate substrate and top it off with resilient carpeting.


Although the equipment selected to fill your gym will depend on your personal preference, some of the obvious choices include: cardio, aerobic, resistance, strength training, and flexibility equipment. You may want to consider a rack, sit-up bench, slant board, barbell, dumbbells, rowing machine, treadmill, and exercise bicycle.

Structure and Design

A few unique extras can provide a bit of extra motivation along with functionality. Consider each of the following design elements for your private gym to make it more inviting:

  • Consider a wall of windows for lighting and motivational purposes—or possibly a mirrored wall if access to the outside isn’t available.
  • Arrange for an overhead television set with cable hookup for cardio workouts.
  • Install surround sound for your musical equipment. You may also want to consider soundproofing.
  • Water cooler, wet bar, and mini-fridge are also great extras to include.

Putting in a Private Gym Shower

If you have dedicated space for your private gym, why not consider the benefit of also installing a shower just off the gym? Instead of walking through the house in sweaty gym clothes, you can shower right away, feeling even more refreshed now that your workout is completely over for the day.

As you can see, much thought goes into designing a workout room to match your lifestyle. As your thoughts develop, consult with the professionals at Westside Remodeling who specialize in Design-Build remodeling. Their understanding of the entire process will help your ideas become a reality so you will be able to stay in shape and have more time to enjoy your family.


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