You open a door and go through it. You secure doors for safety. How complicated is that?

It is more complicated than you might think. Even something as mundane as a door handle or a door lock is a passion for the designers and engineers who specialize in this area. And their passion can affect your life in little, but significant, ways every day – and in respect to security, the effects could be major!

The specialists in this area are advancing every day with new and innovative products that can make your life more simple and secure. The companies listed below have recently introduced products for both interior and exterior doors using creative designs and the latest technology.

Schlage’s Touchscreen Deadbolt – With this electronic locking system, you will no longer need to have spare keys made. With a memory that stores up to thirty 4-digit codes, babysitters, house cleaners, grandparents, teenage or adult children can now use their own personal code for entry. The keypad is also resistant to fingerprints, so no foul play can take place. By integrating with the Nexia Home Intelligence System, the touchscreen deadbolt has received an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade 1 security rating. A grade 1 certification is the strongest and highest security grade for any residential or commercial product. There are also three alarm settings that indicate various types of tampering.

Kwikset and Unikey’s Kevo Deadbolt – Kwikset partnered with Unikey to develop the Kevo touchscreen Deadbolt. Compatible with a smartphone or Bluetooth, the deadbolt works with Apple platforms and is in the process of expanding to others. The deadbolt communicates with the smartphone and unlocks/locks with a single touch. The product comes in three finishes and comes with two electronic keys, two physical keys, one keyfob, and an interior mechanism to lock the door once inside. This deadbolt allows multiple users to control access to the home, with a keyfob for children without a smartphone, or eKeys to hand out to friends and family. Kwikset’s technology prevents lock picking and bumping. The deadbolt can be disabled and changed if a cell phone is ever lost or stolen.

Brink’s Push-Pull-Rotate Knob/Lever – Brinks, the security company, released this product through Hampton Products. The knobs and levers offer hands full or limited mobility functionality. By using your finger, hip, elbow, etc. anyone can operate these door handles. Carrying groceries or laundry will no longer be a hassle with the push-pull-rotate knob and lever system. With an ANSI grade 2-security standard (second highest residential security rating), you can be worry-free. The product is heavy duty and is pick, bump and drill resistant. An anti-pry shield also helps improve the security. There are multiple styles and finishes offered for both interior and exterior doors, with matching deadbolts.

We at Westside Remodeling make it our business to keep up with the latest developments in all aspects of your living environment. Knowing what’s available and making good choices, even in something as basic as a door handle or lock, can help you avoid a daily aggravation – or may even be the piece of protection your family needs to effectively ward off an intruder. Don’t leave it up to chance. Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise we offer for your next home improvement.


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