Incorporating ornamental iron work throughout your property creates a distinctive look that oozes with elegance. Today’s styles include simplistic and complicated designs as well as those that can be customized to your specific needs. Wrought iron work adds value to your property increasing your resale potential while also providing a durable option for driveway gates, pool, garden, or full-yard fences, decorative and entryway railings, and more.

Wrought Iron Work: Gates Create Security

Adding a wrought iron gate to your driveway can provide an extra level of security, helping to maintain the safety of your home. Installing an iron-gate system that offers an automatic defense against unwanted visitors is a great way to safeguard your family from harm and your possessions from theft.

Wrought Iron Work: Fences

Available in traditional styles as well as contemporary ones, wrought iron fences can be incorporated into your landscape for a variety of purposes. You can easily surround your entire property with a wrought iron fence, including a lockable gate for an added measure of security. Since they are built for all types of landscapes, including slanted, shaped, and uneven, a reliable contractor can find exactly what you need to properly cordon off your yard, pool, or garden.

Wrought Iron Work: Railings

Whether or not you have already incorporated an iron fence onto your property, railings can be used as elegant accents for your stairway, balcony, deck, or patio.

Wrought Iron Work: Miscellaneous Projects

Once you’ve begun to include wrought iron work throughout your property, you will come to appreciate its value for both its decorative value as well as its functionality. Why not consider a roof ladder to ease the task of completing minor roof repair? If you are concerned about the potential for a break in, have a professional contractor install security window gates or folding security gates. You might even want to secure your exterior trash receptacles in between pickups.

We at Westside Remodeling can help you work through your entire project to make sure it blends in appropriately with your existing decor and is installed for maximum effect and durability.


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