Remodeling the interior and exterior of your home with upgraded lighting fixtures is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform its appearance. Swapping out old lighting fixtures with new ones can modernize your home, create enhanced living spaces, and increase the sale value. With much less money than you could purchase a new home, transforming your existing one by revisiting your current lighting elements can change your home from dark and dreary to bright and welcoming.

Illuminating Your Home’s Interior

Switching out old lighting fixtures that are showing signs of age can instantly take years off the appearance of your home. A word of caution though – trendier styles of lighting are more likely to go out of style than conservative choices. This either provides the opportunity for another illuminating upgrade later on, or it enhances the value of your real estate should you decide to sell in the near future.

In addition to modernizing the look of your home, improving your lighting layout with specialized lighting fixtures can enhance the safety of your home, increase your sense of security at night, and make it easier to complete certain types of activities.

Ideas for new lighting options:

  • Replacements for all existing lighting, creating themed décor.
  • Functional lighting in the entranceway and alcoves of your home.
  • Dimmer switches in rooms where you don’t want the light glaring in your eyes, such as the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Spot lighting over the bed to enable nighttime reading.
  • Recessed lighting to highlight otherwise dreary corners.
  • Overhead fixtures in closets and pantries.

Illuminating Your Home’s Exterior

If your landscape is in need of some brightening up, consider enhancing your home’s curb appeal with low lighting to illuminate pathways around the home or to accent garden fountains or sculptures. Low-level lighting can be pointed upward to accentuate the walls of the home or stately trees. Since it shines directly where needed, it does not encroach on the night sky as greatly as lights that flood the entire yard.

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