If you are searching for an easy way to give your home a facelift, why not consider upgrading the hardware for all of your doors – inside and outside? While you are at it, you may also want to think about upgrading your home’s security and have a few deadbolts installed on your exterior doors.

Over the years, the hardware for your doors takes a beating, losing its once brilliant shine. Swapping out old, discolored, scratched, or worn hardware instantly transforms your home, giving it a brighter, newer appearance. When you replace the door knobs, you should also replace the hinges and door stop.

Match the Finish of the Hardware for Your Doors

In most cases, when you replace the hardware for your interior doors, you are going to want to coordinate your selections so that the finish remains consistent throughout your home. Some of the finish choices available for door hardware include polished brass, antiqued brass, satin nickel, pewter, bronze, distressed oil rubbed bronze, chrome, satin chrome, satin steel, stainless steel, and black finishes.

Some of your choices that you make for your hardware are going to depend on the room that the door opens into or out of, limiting your options as far as door knobs or levers. In any case, you should remain consistent with your choice of finish for the best results.

Hardware for Exterior Doors

The hardware for your exterior doors should have a similar finish if you are concerned about aesthetics. Getting deadbolts installed on the exterior doors will add a second layer of protection to your home. It may even lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

Points to Consider

  • Change the hardware on pocket doors if you have any at the same time so that the new look is consistent throughout your home.
  • Remember to purchase push-button locks for rooms that demand privacy (bathroom, powder room, and bedrooms) or keyed-lock door knobs for those rooms that you want to secure (dens and offices).
  • Choose the finish based upon the home’s existing décor.


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