Many homeowners simply love their homes. They don’t want to change a single facet of it. However, there are also a lot of homeowners who are dissatisfied with their homes for one reason or another. For many of these individuals, their existing homes are simply too small to bring them true happiness.

In many cases, moving to a larger home is simply out of the question. Some people can’t afford to move from one home to a larger one. Other homeowners don’t actually want to leave the neighborhood that they are currently living in. Nonetheless, both of these groups of people might still prefer to have a larger home. When that is the case, they can often find happiness with their homes simply by adding on an extension to the existing structure.

In addition to the fact that adding an extension is usually cost effective and less expensive than moving, it also contributes to the value of the home. Should the homeowners ever find themselves in a position to move, they will discover that the extensions to their living spaces have increased the value of their properties.

The first task to tackle when creating new space is to decide what type of an extension to add onto the existing home.

Two of the most common rooms that homeowners choose to expand are the kitchen and the bathroom. In general, the extension may be as small as a two-foot expansion in space, sufficient to accommodate a few essential changes to the room in question. Older homes, in particular, feature kitchens and bathrooms that are too small to accommodate the number of appliances, sinks, cabinets, and extras that many homeowners want to have. The same scenario applies with the bedrooms in older homes. The rooms are simply too small to accommodate today’s lifestyles.

Other common extensions include adding a garage to a home that does not have one, creating a play room, game room, or other leisure-type room, or adding on a bedroom or master suite to the existing structure.

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