Whether your home is simply overflowing with family members or it is too small to begin with, converting a deep closet for a home office or study room is a great way to create a bit of extra living space. All you really need is a desk, chair, and a light to turn a closet into a home office for you or your spouse or a study room for the kids. If you can afford to do without the closet, then you can reap the benefit of this relatively easy transformation from storage space to work space.

If you are fortunate, the closet that you have in mind offers a transitional space between it and the closest room. If the closet’s location does not offer a readymade separation, you can use furniture to create such a space. A set of deep bookshelves or a decorative table with accompanying accent should be sufficient to create a clear division between your new work area and the nearest room.

Since closets are generally small, no matter how deep they are, you should remove the doors. This strategy gives your new home office the illusion of being a bit larger than it actually is. Plus, light from the surrounding areas can filter into your new office, brightening it up a bit.

If you have enough room, set up a small desk and chair for your workstation. If the closet has an existing light in the ceiling, you can purchase a decorative fixture to replace it. Unfortunately, if the closet that you are converting isn’t wired for electricity, you are going to need to hire an electrician to wire it for you. Alternatively, you can use a battery-powered light to brighten your work area.

If the closet has an existing set of shelves, you can incorporate them into your workspace for book shelves. You can also remove one or two shelves and convert the remaining ones into a work station and avoid the unnecessary expense of purchasing a desk.

Depending on the amount of space you have available in the closet, you may also be able to add a few desirable items such as a trash can, filing cabinet, or printer table. Use your space wisely and only set up those items that you are going to use on a daily basis. If the closet is too small to incorporate a printer cart or filing cabinet, then don’t bother doing so. It is more important that you are comfortable in this area than it is to bring in items that you may only use once every so often.

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