Creating easy-access living in your home makes it possible for you to accommodate anyone in your home graciously, regardless of his or her physical ability. Maybe your elderly parents are coming to live with you, or someone in your home is contemplating knee-replacement surgery. You want to make everyday tasks simple for these loved ones. Many home-remodeling options are available that can readily transform any area of the home into one that features greater accessibility.

Creating easy-access living in your home means that you don’t have to look for a new home that accommodates physical limitations. Moreover, incorporating user-friendly changes into your home enhances the level of safety for everyone living there.

The extent to which you need to incorporate changes to create easy-access living is typically dependent on the reasons behind them. In some cases, you need only minor changes made to the home in order to facilitate everyday tasks such as opening doors, using the bathtub or shower, and turning lights on and off. These are changes a building contractor can readily incorporate into an existing home.

In other cases, such as when a member of your family uses a wheelchair, easy-access changes to the home must occur on a larger scale. For example, ramps, elevators, widened doors, and zero-step entries will be needed to make everyday living easy for this family member. Even if your home only has one step leading into the entryway, eliminating that step can make life so much easier for someone who has difficulty walking or for someone in a wheelchair.

Some of the Available Options for Accessible Remodeling Changes Include:

  • Lever handles, toggle light switches
  • Ergonomic positioning of electrical outlets and switches
  • Ergonomic positioning of bathroom and kitchen counters, sinks and cabinets
  • Wider doorways
  • Elevators or lifts
  • Removal of walls to create open floor plans
  • Ramps in place of steps or zero-step entries to the home
  • Accessible bathrooms, including walk-in showers, grab bars, seats


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