A bathroom is usually the first room chosen to have remodeled or upgraded in the home. Instead of only making basic upgrades that help improve the appearance of the bathroom, incorporate a few luxurious changes as well. In our previous blog, “2013 Bathroom Technologies,” we discussed the Moxie and VibroAcoustic technologies. Those technologies, along with the ideas below, will help you achieve a spa-like ambiance for your luxurious bathroom.

There are multiple options to consider when starting a bathroom remodeling project. One aspect that is often overlooked is the size of the entryway. Increase the 34-inch entry to 36 inches to help the room appear larger. This will make it easier to carry laundry baskets back and forth, and will be beneficial, if a wheelchair is ever needed.

Investments have been made in slippers and big bath mats so people do not have to feel the ice-cold bathroom floor when getting up in the morning. Radiant floor heating is a great solution to this problem. Imagine getting rid of the slippers and stepping onto a warm bathroom floor instead! An electric radiant floor heating system consists of thin heating cables that are installed under the bathroom floor. The system also has its own thermostat to control the floor temperature. Having enough floor space also adds comfort to any bathroom by making it easier for people to function and move around in. To help save floor space and have the bathroom appear bigger, consider using pedestal or wall-mounted sinks, corner shower units or a pocket door.

Install windows in areas that will allow the sun to shine through, helping to provide the best natural lighting, which is a great way to help accomplish the relaxed feeling in a spa-like, luxurious bathroom. Window treatments can be used to give privacy when needed.

The best light at a mirror is soft and at face-height on both sides of the mirror, to help with lighting for shaving or applying makeup. Indirect light and dimmers help attain the right balance of lighting for soaking in the tub, or for getting ready for work.

When space in a master bath is limited, homeowners today will often forego a tub in order to accommodate a large, walk-in shower. These luxurious showers typically include built-in seating, along with shelves or niches for toiletries. Installing more than one shower head, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and hand-held shower heads, will help give more of a spa-like ambiance to the bathroom. Also, use non-slip or slip-resistant flooring instead of shower mats for a more comfortable feel on your feet.

One of the best features of a spa is being wrapped up in a big, fluffy towel that feels like a cloud. Install a heated towel rack to hold your own set of towels to complete your luxurious bathroom remodel. Imagine stepping out of a relaxing bath or massaging jet shower and wrapping yourself in the warmth of a heated towel as you dry off.

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