Homeowners looking to maximize interior space can do so readily with the installation of a few attractive and functional sliding doors. If you simply don’t have a large enough lot size to add a home extension, you can incorporate sliding doors to divide existing living space or open up an area that is held hostage to existing doors that open out. Since sliding doors don’t open out into your living space, you don’t lose room that could be used to place narrow pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, or decorative accents.

Homeowners have lots of style options today since the popularity of sliding doors is increasing steadily. With housing prices at an all time low, remodeling your living space with sliding doors might be a better option than selling.

Creating New Rooms with Sliding Doors

If you need to create a home office or study room for the kids, you can incorporate a partial wall with a set of sliding doors to create a room divider. Instead of a full wall, an experienced remodeling contractor can create a narrow partial wall with sufficient interior space to allow the sliding door to easily slip in and out as needed.  Using glass sliders allows light to filter through from one room to the other, creating the illusion that each room is actually larger than it is.

Replacing Bi-Fold Doors with Sliding Doors

Since bi-fold doors fold up accordion-style when they are opened, they still take up space inside and outside of the closet’s side area, taking away the ability to see into the corner of the closet easily. Replacing bi-folds with sliding doors eliminates this problem.

Since many closets are placed in the corner of a room, homeowners lose valuable space that could be used for stand-alone lighting fixtures, skinny chairs, jewelry armoires, or small decorative tables. Sliding doors offer a smooth look without taking up this valuable space.

Fitting Patios with Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are especially useful as exit doors for patios since they usually connect a well-used room, such as the kitchen, game room, or den, with this type of exterior living space. Sliding doors offer easy access to each area without taking up unnecessary space.


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