You’ve seen the pictures of beautiful, spacious kitchens where the centerpiece of that kitchen is the island—but thought, “I could never do that in my kitchen.”  Think again!  With trends moving toward smaller homes and smaller kitchens, the opportunities to achieve both elegance and efficiency have multiplied. With thoughtful design, an island can be worked into a kitchen of any size. And, when completed, you benefit from the additional work space that a kitchen island installation provides.

Kitchen Island Installation: Additional Workspace and Meals

With a kitchen island, you obtain the extra space you need when planning large celebrations that require lots of food preparation. They provide great spaces for chopping and dicing your ingredients. The extra space is also useful when baking large batches of cookies or cupcakes. Choose a specialty top for your island to make it even more functional (granite, butcher block, or stainless steel).

Whether your family is large or small, you can use this extra space during mealtime or for casual eating so that everyone can spread out with lots of elbow room. It can also be used as a workspace for school projects or crafts.

Kitchen Island Installation: Efficiency and Storage

It’s much easier to be efficient in your kitchen when you have the space to spread out. With an island, you gain extra space for helpers to perform specific tasks as well. You get a lot of additional storage space when you select a kitchen island with cabinets. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who enjoy cooking or baking since you gain lots of storage for appliances and bulky accessories. Plus, you can use the space above to hang essential baking or cooking devices, including pots, pans, and utensils.

Kitchen Island Installation: Additional Considerations

Kitchen islands are great focal points, so take this opportunity to work with one of our professional designers to help it show off the best it possibly can. We’ll be able to help you choose a design that blends well with your existing décor. Our designers can help you see the possibilities in the space you have available and make sure that the island doesn’t become disruptive to your normal routine. Moreover, if your home has an open floor plan, they can help in positioning the island to serve as a visual break. They can also help you think of often-overlooked details, like having electrical outlets wired into the island, to avoid the mess and fuss of using extension cords.

We have designers available at Westside Remodeling with whom you can discuss the possibilities for your kitchen. Click here and fill out the form, or call 805-499-4121 for an appointment. Also, check out some of the kitchen island projects in the portfolio on our website.


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