Organizational cabinetry add-ons can be life savers. Prior to the inception of lazy-Susans and spice racks, it was as if you had to be an engineer to fit all of your dinnerware and pots and pans into your cabinets. With the birth of cabinet organizers, life becomes so much simpler. No longer do you need a treasure map or flash light to find the right lid for the right pot. Now you can simply spin your lazy-Susan and it is all there.

And what would life be like without a cutlery divider? This is a standard cabinet add-on many take for granted, but how would your kitchen function without the allotted spaces for forks, knives and spoons? There are many available add-ons you can incorporate into your new cabinets which will ease the stress of not being able to find something as simple as your measuring cup or salt and pepper shakers. Some examples of add-ons are spice racks, garbage can roll-out trays, plate holders, wine racks, pull-out shelves, glass-faced cabinets, a fold down storage area in the sink base cabinet, a broom cabinet, and pull-out pan racks.

Organizers come in all shapes and sizes and serve a wide range of purposes. Though you may be a collector and want to show off your collections, displaying your knick-knacks on the countertop is unsightly as well as potentially hazardous. Numerous gizmos and gadgets left out on countertops can detract from the design of your kitchen and can be overwhelming for your guests.

Often we forget the kitchen, which is generally the heart of the home, basically is a place to prepare, cook and serve food. In many homes it also serves as a meeting place, hang-out and entertainment area. The appearance of all your small appliances and collectibles can distract your visitors from focusing on the beauty of your cabinets and countertops. This doesn’t mean you throw them away or toss them in the attic. By utilizing cabinet add-ons, you can store the functional items you need and then designate a certain cabinet or group of cabinets to house and display your most prized possessions. This enables you to maintain your personal touch, but in an organized and functional fashion. One suggestion is to swap out your corner cabinet door for a glass door insert and arrange your collection. The addition of cabinet lighting will add a true display feel to your kitchen; your countertops will be free for function and your guests can relax.

Though your gourmet coffee pot is lovely, and you were so excited to get that new food processor, do you really want them on display? But what to do with them? Try investing in an appliance garage. This will house and store all of your countertop appliances.

A professional remodeling company can help you decide which of these invaluable tools are best for your lifestyle and will assist you in maximizing the value and efficiency of your new cabinets.


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