Alana was recently interviewed by Milgard Doors & Windows and featured in their magazine.

Milgard: What are the most common design challenges you encounter?
Alana Busse: Typically, I see three types of design challenges. First is trying to find a nice balance between the style of the home and client. I design a lot of projects in California and I see 60%-70% stucco homes, varying from Spanish, Ranch style, to Mid-Century Modern. Homeowners come to me trying to identify what style goes best in their home, but also what speaks to their unique personality. Secondly, aesthetics aside, I also have to address functional needs. Are there kids in the house? Pets? Do the home owners have any physical limitations? We can certainly create a design similar to what’s shown to me in a magazine photo, but it would most often require adjustments. It’s trying to find the right scale and workflow. For example, instead of double French doors that open outward into a small space, it’s choosing a single sliding french door that doesn’t intrude. Lastly, there are codes to consider! Especially in California, there are lots of building codes and energy requirements to work with.

Milgard: How do you select the best window for the kitchen or bathroom?
AB: A lot of times, homeowners don’t replace all their windows at once. They’re likely to change out only the ones in the remodel area, so matching the existing style and working with the new space is important. I think vinyl windows tend to be the best for kitchens and bathrooms with high traffic use. I use Milgard® vinyl windows with white frames a lot because they create a clean look and tend to work with a lot of different styles.

I have also used dark framed Milgard® windows to match existing dark aluminum windows, but the new ones include features such as SunCoatMAX® for upgraded performance. This helps meet energy codes too.

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