Bringing added luxury into your home is readily accomplished by incorporating granite and marble throughout a variety of rooms. Not only will you add luxury, but you will also add value since kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the most popular upgrades appreciated by prospective buyers. While granite and marble sparkle with a brilliant shine, creating an elegant look, they also provide the durability that makes them last longer than many other materials. Suitable for most rooms within the home, today’s selection of granite and marble include an attractive assortment of colors and patterns.

Adding Luxury to the Kitchen with Granite and Marble
Kitchen remodelingSpruce up the kitchen with granite countertops and granite or marble flooring. Popular styles of granite countertops include those with a standard thickness of .75 and 1.25 inches as well as any of the following edges: straight, pencil, half bullnose, ogee, and bevel. Non-slip varieties of both granite and marble (in various thicknesses) are availablefor flooring purposes, providing safety along with sophisticated elegance.

Adding Luxury to the Bathrooms with Granite and MarbleBathroom remodeling
Granite or marble vanity tops, wash basins, tubs, showers, and shower trays create a spa-like appearance in your bathroom, transforming an ordinary bath or powder room into an elegant place to recuperate from the stresses of life.

Adding Luxury with Touches of Granite and Marble Throughout Your Living Space
Incorporating decorative touches of granite and marble to continue your chosen theme can be accomplished by adding coffee tables or shelving built with either of these natural stones.

Adding Luxury with Touches of Granite and Marble Wall Cladding for Curb Appeal
Granite or marble wall cladding can be used for the exterior walls of the home to create a distinctive façade that is both attractive and functional. Typically, you’ll incorporate this type of cladding for decorative purposes in select locations, such as the exterior of the foyer, rather than on every exterior wall.

The design professionals at Westside Remodeling are happy to discuss with you how best granite or marble can be used to show your home off to its best advantage.


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