The exterior of your home accounts for a person’s first impression of it. The architectural details add character to it and can be used to accentuate the overall appeal of your home. Part of the beauty of architecture lies in the sheer variety of it. There are so many different strategies that you can use to add architectural details to the outside of your home, sprucing up its appearance and increasing its market value. If you hire a licensed remodeling contractor, you achieve knowledgeable guidance and professional results.

Adding Architectural Details to the Outside of Your Home: Popular Styles

While there are many different kinds of architectural detail that you can add to the outside of your home, some are more noticeable than others. Additionally, several architectural styles are more popular than others. They include Dutch, Spanish, Southwestern, Colonial, Arts and Craft, French, Prairie, Adam, Modern, Tudor, and Georgian. Each of these architectural styles includes recognizable features that stand out with timeless appeal, especially since they are rooted in earlier architectural designs and the achievement of a sense of balance and proportion. It is best to stay with the existing architectural style of your home for the best results.

Adding Architectural Details to Your Home’s Exterior:

You completely transform the outside of your home when you add architectural details to it, creating a uniquely distinctive look. Features to consider upgrading with an upgrade in architectural detail:

  • Roof and eaves – add color with copper or tile
  • Installation of a different style of windows than you currently have
  • Shutters – add character; choose a color and style to match your existing architectural style
  • Walls – accentuate existing walls with new stucco, brick, siding, stone, or metal
  • Chimney pots and decorative caps for eaves
  • Lighting – Coach lamps, landscape lighting, and sconces to enhance architectural details on the home’s exterior
  • Roman or Greek columns, handrails, millwork, molding
  • Covered porch with pilasters and corbels
  • House numbers and mailbox

When undertaking a project this important for the look of your home, we suggest that you work closely with a design professional to preserve the integrity of your home. We have competent and experienced designers on staff at Westside Remodeling.


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