Is your current floor plan too small to meet your entertaining needs? If you have the space to expand, a lavishly styled garden room with dramatic architectural accents can create the perfect venue for entertaining friends and family on special occasions, as well as during simple gatherings.

Functional Aspects of the Deluxe Garden Room

For the windows, you may want to consider tempered safety glass as it provides the security that you need. Using Solar Cool, Low-E, or Bronze glass treatments reduce both heat and glare and keeps your entertaining space nice and comfortable. Dual-paned transom windows placed in bays on the exterior walls add an elegant touch.

You’ll want a sufficient number of electrical outlets so that you can hook up your television, surround-sound system, electronic devices, air conditioning hook up, and appropriate lighting fixtures. Electrical raceways that are built directly into the walls of your garden room provide the outlet/switch capabilities that you need, while also keeping the wiring out of the way.

Garden rooms offer lots of ventilation and light, optimizing the open feel of the room.
From sliding doors to French doors, you have a variety of elegant options available that will complement the rest of your garden room while continuing the illusion of being in the wide-open outdoors.

Depending on the architectural style of your existing home, you may want to consider having a gabled roof constructed to provide plenty of headroom. You can install chandeliers or custom lighting fixtures that are flush-mounted to the ceiling. Proper insulation in the roof will protect your garden room from changes in temperature.

The Benefits of a Deluxe Garden Room

The addition of a deluxe garden room to your home has many benefits. It opens up your home and provides more space for entertaining. It also allows you to enjoy the backyard in comfort. The luxury of a lavishly constructed garden room offers many hours of enjoyment for you and your family year-round. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your property, the existence of an elegantly designed garden room increases the market value of your home.


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