A beautiful addition to your home can bring you and your family a lot of pleasure for years to come. It can provide the extra bedrooms you need for your growing family, or a private suite for your aging parents who live with you. It can offer the few extra square feet necessary to create a separate water closet in your bathroom.

Whatever your needs, we encourage you to contact our team at Westside Remodeling before you start your addition project. We have over 29 years experience in building home additions, and we can lead you on the right path from the beginning.

Home additions

For starters, we will guide you toward utilizing the Design/Build process for your addition project. If you hire an architect to draw up plans and then contract with a builder to complete your project, you will have to negotiate with two separate companies. This can result in a lot of extra time and aggravation for you, since the two may not always agree.

With our Design/Build process, there will be only one point of responsibility for your addition project: Westside Remodeling–from design through completion. We create your design to fit your budget. “As a result of my years of remodeling experience,” Bob Sturgeon explains, “I am generally able to give you accurate numbers to work with right from the beginning, even though at that point it is still a guesstimate.”

We create 3-D drawings of your addition, so you can know ahead of time how your addition will look. It is important that the scale and shape of your addition looks like it belongs to the rest of your home. “Articulation is a significant part of the design,” says Bob. “You don’t want your addition to look like a giant box attached to your home.” So, in keeping with the architectural style of your existing home, we may add a bay window or cut out a corner of the addition for visual interest.

We also complete a furniture layout in the preliminary stages of the design, so you can see what effect the addition will have on the interior flow of your home. Usually homeowners are surprised at the extra functionality you can get with just a few more square feet of space.

Home additions

Everything should look as pleasing on the outside as it does on the inside. We pay attention to how the new roof ties into the existing. “We must often take a large part of the existing roofing off, just so we can get the entire home to look right and drain properly,” Bob emphasizes. “We have to get all the hips and valleys to work correctly for suitable drainage.” Your yard outside is also carefully graded away from the foundation, so it drains properly to the street.

With second-story additions, there is crucial structural work to be done on the first floor to make sure it can support the new addition. Especially in our area that is prone to earthquakes, your finished home must be able to resist lateral forces. It is often required by the structural engineer that we underpin the footings, add shear walls, and epoxy additional anchor bolts to the foundation to meet the current code.

Homeowners often wonder if they will need a larger HVAC unit if they are building a sizable addition. That may be the case, however sometimes we can air seal and insulate your house, and repair or replace your existing ducting to make an older, smaller unit work just fine.

Home additions

“I’m not a realtor,” says Bob, “but I see how many dollars per square foot houses are selling for in our area. We can definitely add to your home for less than that, and at the same time add value to your existing home.

As you are contemplating your new home addition, we invite you to contact us at Westside Remodeling. We guarantee an on time, on budget, professional construction of your project!


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