A dream kitchen not only has to look fantastic, it also has to function as well as it looks.  Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. Homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area are increasingly realizing the importance and benefit of storage and organizational solutions for their new kitchens and baths. Their preferences are mirroring a new national survey of homeowners who recently renovated their kitchens and baths, conducted by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine.

Homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area understand that a well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. The KBB survey found that a median of 60% of homeowners are requesting more storage and organizational options for their new kitchens and baths. The most frequently requested kitchen storage and organizing tool is a built-in trash recycling option, requested by 99% of homeowners. The other most popular kitchen storage/organizational tools are:

  • Under cabinet/in-cabinet lighting
  • Pullouts/blind corners/lifts
  • Stand-alone pantry
  • Drawer inserts/dividers
  • Wine/beverage storage
  • In-cabinet outlets and USB ports
  • Appliance garage

Other popular storage solutions favored by homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area include knife block drawers, drawer peg systems, cleaning product and paper towel storage, composting stations, spice racks, double islands, hidden pantry drawers, pet-feeding stations, blind-corner pull-outs, and toe-kick drawers.

Demand for organizational tools, solutions, and systems among homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area has dramatically increased in response to the changing multifunctional role.  Kitchens are now called upon to perform as offices, zoom backgrounds, classrooms, libraries, cafés, and dining rooms. Homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area are cooking more as well, highlighting the need and desire for a clean, well-organized space. Professional kitchen designers meet the new demands for more organization and storage solutions by maximizing cabinet storage, designing walk-in pantries, and recommending organizational dividers for kitchen drawers.

Homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA area find that specifying organizational and storage solutions as part of the initial design helps to determine how to best use the budget to not only create a kitchen that is the envy of the neighborhood but also is easy to use, optimizes the available space, increases storage options, and easier to clean and maintain.

What storage and organizational solutions will make your new dream kitchen function and perform better than it looks?  Give us a call at 805-499-4121 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 1164 Newbury Rd Suite B, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 and let us show you the organizational and storage options that will make your new kitchen a dream not only to look at but also to use.


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