Do you remember watching The Brady Bunch and seeing all of the children share the same bathroom? One door from the girls’ room and one from the boys’ room opened into the same bathroom. This is what is known as a Jack and Jill bathroom – a bathroom shared between two bedrooms, each with its own entrance.

Designing a Jack and Jill bathroom in your home will help save time, space and money. They are ideal for guest rooms and kids’ rooms. A Jack and Jill bathroom is highly economical compared to two separate bathrooms, since there is no need to duplicate plumbing, showers or hardware.

At the minimum, Jack and Jill bathrooms usually include two sinks (whether it is two separate vanities or a large countertop with two sinks); one shower/tub; one toilet; a light switch at each entry door; two vanity mirrors; multiple towel bars and storage space/cabinets. Each entry door also has its own lock to help with privacy.There are a couple different options to accommodate storage in a Jack and Jill bathroom: smaller individual vanities for each person or a large storage cabinet with space designated for each person.

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When designing your bathroom, make sure to allow enough space for the doors to open and for movement throughout the bathroom.  One disadvantage to a Jack and Jill bathroom is that the entry is through an individual’s bedroom. Another door can be installed so the bathroom is accessed through a hallway or living room, but then it takes away from the space available for storage or other uses in the bathroom.

Two ways to help eliminate any personal space and privacy issues is to design a separate room for the shower and/or toilet within the bathroom space. This way, one person can be using the shower while another is brushing his or her teeth without invading someone’s privacy. Another possibility is to split the Jack and Jill bathroom into three smaller rooms: two with their own vanity and toilet and then a middle room for a shower/bathtub.

Of course, styles and products have changed since The Brady Bunch children had a Jack and Jill bathroom. So, come into our showroom and take a look at what we have to offer and what will best suit your needs for your Jack and Jill bathroom renovation!


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