A young couple often discovers their home no longer meets their needs, once they begin to have children. Later on, the same couple may find their home needs further updating to accommodate their teenagers’ increased need for independence. Once the children leave home, the empty-nesters may want further modifications made to their home, as they now have time to explore new hobbies and entertain friends in their home. If elderly parents are brought into the home, it is vital to meet their special needs.

It isn’t necessary to move into a different home, each time your family progresses from one life stage to another. By making periodic modifications to your home as time goes by, your home can continue to function well for you throughout your lifetime. Westside Remodeling’s designers can help you plan for the future, thinking through all the details, and creating flexible designs that are easier to modify whenever needs change.

If your family is growing, you may need to add another bedroom or bathroom. You may decide to remove a wall between your kitchen and family room, making it one large open area where you can keep track of toddlers while you work. A new mudroom at your home’s entry will help organize all the jackets and backpacks for your school-aged children.

If you have teenagers, you may decide to finish off the garage or basement as an entertainment room or media room where they can spend time with their friends. This may also be the perfect time to build an outdoor living space, where you can create memorable moments around fun and food on your new deck or patio.

As the children go off to college or move into their own apartments, you may find other uses for those empty bedrooms. If you enjoy crafts, you could turn a bedroom into a hobby room, complete with all the cabinets, open shelving, and countertops you need to keep things well organized. Or you may decide to expand your master bedroom and create a luxury master suite by incorporating an unused bedroom.

If your elderly parents come to stay, or if you wish to prepare your home to meet your own changing needs as you age, you may need to make some further modifications to your home. Doorways and hallways may need to be widened. Knobs can be replaced with lever handles and light switches changed to the toggle variety to make life easier. Zero-threshold showers and comfort-height toilets, along with attractive grab bars, should be added to your bathrooms.

You will be amazed at how your home can be beautiful, and yet functional, through all the stages of your life. At Westside Remodeling, we want to make it possible for you to stay in your home and enjoy it for years to come.


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