If you are searching for new space within your home, an unused closet can be the perfect spot to look. While the area may be small, a few clever changes can produce a functional conversion that enables you to create a new living area. Think outside of the box instead of bemoaning the fact that you don’t have enough room to make all of the changes that you want. If you want more living space, embrace the task of creating functional closet conversions. Here are a few ideas.

Computer Niche

An unused closet can be transformed into a cozy computer niche that offers more functionality than simply storing unneeded items. A wide closet has enough space to house a narrow computer table to hold your electronics. You can also arrange to have a remodeling contractor install electrical outlets, surge protection, lighting, and narrow shelving.

Beauty Salon

A bedroom closet is the perfect place to create your own mini beauty salon. Ask the remodeling contractor to install a vanity top that abuts with the wall to hold all of your essentials. Have the remodeling contractor install an electrical outlet or two for your curling iron, hairdryer, and so on. Narrow shelving and lighting should also be considered for the best functionality in this closet transformation.

Mini-Bar or Wine Closet

Turn a rarely used pantry or closet in the recreation/gaming room into a mini-bar or wine closet. Have the walls painted or wallpapered to set the mood. In addition to having shelving installed, you might want to consider a wet or dry sink depending on the location of the space that you are using and the accessibility to plumbing.

Craft or Hobby Niche

Whether you redesign a closet for the kids or you create new space for yourself, turning an unused closet into a small craft or hobby corner can make it easier to reclaim interests that you or family members have. Depending on the hobby, you may want to have specialized lighting installed along with electrical outlets, storage shelving, along with a flush mount table top.

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