If your kitchen is in need of a change, you may want to consider the well-built, functional designs offered by the Arts-and-Crafts cabinet style. Popular in the early 1900s, this type of kitchen cabinetry is distinctive, rich, and dark in tone. It typically employs the use of medium or dark stained wood, as well as wide wood trimming, impressive door styles, and geometric elements. The final result is one that exudes strength and a sense of long-lasting craftsmanship due to the inclusion of furniture-quality details.

Creating a Seamless Design with Your Arts-and-Crafts Cabinets

Grounded by a substantial use of hardwoods, such as oak and mahogany, the Arts-and-Crafts style of cabinetry is best suited for large kitchens. Blending simple materials and earth-tone colors brings balance to your kitchen. Organic colors in greens and yellows, along with wallpaper designs depicting nature, work to bring harmony to the Arts-and-Crafts kitchen.

It’s important to pull your Arts-and-Crafts cabinet style together, utilizing a flow that moves in an upward progression from the flooring to the countertops to the backsplashes to the cabinetry. Since the Arts-and-Crafts Cabinet style features the use of darker wood stains, it is often recommended to use countertops featuring light colors. Popular types of countertops that blend well with this style include travertine, granite, and soapstone. Blending the fine craftsmanship and hand-hammered detailing of this style with charming simplicity in décor creates an overall soothing effect.

Creating a Seamless Design for the Arts-and-Crafts Kitchen and Its Appliances

Blending the sophisticated styling of your Arts-and-Crafts cabinetry with an upgrade in kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher) is possible as long as you follow one general rule of thumb. You’ll want to choose appliances with simple, uncluttered lines so that the cabinetry remains the focal point. Installing state-of-the-art appliances and a simplistic, sturdy work island will add to the functionality of the kitchen.


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