The advantages of converting a spare bedroom into a home office are many. In addition to making a public statement that you have made a serious commitment to your career choice, you also obtain the peace and quiet that you need to perform well. You also receive the benefit of not having to clear your work from the kitchen table each day. Instead, you can leave your work set up inside your office. Plus, you get a tax right off that can save you money.

Creating a functioning office in a spare bedroom takes careful planning. Draw up a diagram of the room and pencil in your ideas to get a better idea of how the room is going to look once the conversion is completed.

Since you probably won’t need a closet designed to hold clothing, you have two options. You can have a remodeling contractor create built-in shelving for storage. You can also have the door removed and the opening redone in order to transform the closet into a small nook. This could be a perfect spot for the printer table, filing cabinets, or bookcase.

The floors should be redone to reflect the serious nature of your new office space. You might want to consider hard wood floors, new carpeting, or a combination of the two.

If the existing windows do not provide enough lighting, why not consider having the opening enlarged? Perhaps a decorative window designed for plants would look nice? Casement windows offer a good option for ventilation purposes.

Look your spare bedroom over thoroughly and assess its existing electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. Determine the number of additional electrical outlets that you are going to need. You may also want to consider having surge protection installed, especially if you are utilizing electronic equipment in your new office space. It’s important to think about the number of work stations that the room is going to hold when determining the number of outlets and lighting fixtures that will be needed.

When redesigning a spare bedroom into a home office, consider all of your options for the best results. Think about storage, functionality, and aesthetics.

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