If you are planning to remodel your bathroom you will need to make a number of important decisions.  One of the most critical decisions, however, is what type of bathroom fixtures to choose.  The type of fixtures you choose will set the tone for the entire bathroom, so it is important to choose your sink, your bathtub and even your toilet with the utmost care.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a bathroom sink is the style of sink you choose.  There are a number of sink styles on the market, from freestanding pedestal models to sinks with built in storage drawers and cabinets.  It is important to consider the advantages of drawbacks of each style before making a final decision.

Wall Mounted Sinks
Wall mounted sinks are always a popular choice, but their practicality may be limited by your existing plumbing.  If your existing pipes come up through the floor, it may not be cost effective to change the plumbing to accommodate a wall mounted sink design.

But if your plumbing can support it, a wall mounted sink can be a great choice.  Wall mounted sinks are a particularly good choice for small bathrooms where space is limited.  If you have a small bathroom and the right plumbing, a wall mounted sink can help you make the most of the space you have available.

Pedestal Designs
Pedestal sinks are always a popular choice for bathroom remodels.  These popular sink designs consist of two separate pieces – the pedestal and the sink.  With a pedestal type sink the sink itself is attached to the wall, while the pedestal is used to support the sink and hide the associated plumbing.

Freestanding Sinks
If your existing plumbing comes up through the floor, a freestanding sink can be an excellent and attractive choice for your bathroom makeover.  A quality freestanding sink will have the good looks and style of a piece of furniture, and these sinks are always a popular choice for homeowners who are trying to give their bathrooms a whole new look and feel.

Countertop Designs
Countertop sinks have long been a classic choice for homeowners, and these sink designs have a number of important benefits.  Choosing a solid surface countertop with an integrated sink can help you make the most of your available space while giving your bathroom an attractive look and feel.

Flush mount sinks can also be a wonderful choice for a bathroom makeover.  These flush mounted sinks are designed so that there is no edge between the edge of the sink and the countertop.

Framed sink designs are another popular choice for countertop sinks.  These framed sinks are installed in a vanity countertop and trimmed with various kinds of materials.  Some of the most popular framing materials for framed top countertop sinks include cast iron, brushed metal and porcelain.

Cabinet Styles
Storage is always an important consideration when it comes to a bathroom remodel, and one of the best ways to incorporate storage into the bathroom design is by choosing a sink with a built-in cabinet.  A cabinet style will allow you to store the items you need in an attractive and unobtrusive manner, and many homeowners feel that this style provides the best combination of good looks and practicality.

Choosing the right style sink isn’t always an easy process, but don’t worry – the experts at Westside Remodeling can help you find the right one for your needs.

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