Your Very Own Home Theatre

With the price of movie tickets and concessions constantly rising, fewer people are going to the movie theatre nowadays. Some people are starting to create and design their own home theatre, and now you can do the same! Due to more affordable technology, your family can now enjoy a movie theatre experience without having to […]

New Technology in Door Locks Provides Simplicity and Security

You open a door and go through it. You secure doors for safety. How complicated is that? It is more complicated than you might think. Even something as mundane as a door handle or a door lock is a passion for the designers and engineers who specialize in this area. And their passion can affect […]

Converting Small, Unused Rooms into a Large Functional Space

Do you have a spare bedroom in your house that used to accommodate your now fully-grown children? Or maybe you have rooms that you never really figured out what to turn them into? Converting two rooms into one large functional space may be an easier task than you would imagine. You can convert the rooms […]

Universal Design Tips & Suggestions

Looking for new ideas for your home? Below are some Universal Design tips, ideas and information for the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom of your home. Westside Remodeling has completed multiple projects using Universal Design principles. Read below to see how you can give certain rooms in your home a facelift, as well as making […]

Some Tips on Plants in Your Landscaping

The fundamental portion of your landscaping plan is your hardscaping. It determines the function and flow of your overall plan, as well as the style and functionality. The softscape, or plants, dress-up and finish off your landscaping, further accenting your style. They are like the jewelry on a nice outfit – they bring color, texture, […]


It is that time of year again when lawns have to be cut more frequently, yard sales are taking place and the windows are being opened to let the spring breezes flow throughout the house! Something else that takes place this time of year is spring-cleaning. We have some helpful tips to assist you with […]

Westside Remodeling is a Distributer of Four Unique and Outstanding Cabinet Lines

Did you know that Westside Remodeling is a dealer for four fabulous cabinet companies? We selected each company with great care to give our customers a wide selection of product and pricing. Therefore, we can easily accommodate our taste and budget. We would love to design and build your entire project for you but you […]

Erasing the Barriers: Kitchens without Walls

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is the wonderful weather we enjoy throughout the year. When we watch the news reports of snow drifts taller than people in New England, it’s not hard to understand why homeowners would want to stay nice and cozy inside their warm homes, protected from the outside […]

Pocket Doors for the Home: A Worthy Consideration

Designed for one of two purposes, either to create an elegant transition or to save wall space, pocket doors can meet the demands of most homes with distinctive grace and style. One of the nicest aspects of pocket door construction is that they can be crafted to fit any style opening or archway, adding to […]

Create a Quiet Space in Your Home with a Luxurious Library

Setting aside a quiet space in your home by constructing a luxurious library gives the family a place for reflection, meditation, quiet study time, and reading. While the traditional pastime of reading books has morphed from paper copies to digital ones, a luxurious library still offers a quiet location to enjoy this pastime. In fact, […]