Energy-Efficient Windows

Does your home still have the original windows from when you first moved in? Older windows are more susceptible to leakage that can result in a higher electric bill. Now is a great time to upgrade and install energy-efficient windows to your home so you can enjoy savings on your cooling and heating costs! Before […]

Some Tips on Plants in Your Landscaping

The fundamental portion of your landscaping plan is your hardscaping. It determines the function and flow of your overall plan, as well as the style and functionality. The softscape, or plants, dress-up and finish off your landscaping, further accenting your style. They are like the jewelry on a nice outfit – they bring color, texture, […]

Green Remodeling Tips

Green remodeling isn’t a new idea, and it certainly isn’t a passing fad. Anyone who is interested in their health and global warming can benefit from the green remodeling tips presented here. Contrary to popular thought, utilizing green technology in your home or commercial building isn’t that expensive, although the cost may be slightly higher […]

Tips for Creating A Green Bathroom

If you are about to do a bit of remodeling, why not consider creating a green bathroom? True, the initial cost might increase a bit with the constraints that come along with going green. However, the benefits far outweigh the extra expense especially since you should be able to recoup some of the added cost […]