The modern bathroom is a place for more than just simple cleansing. It is a retreat for relaxation, meditation, and a total rebalancing of the human mind and body. Incorporating a lavish soaking tub into your full-size bathroom delivers an added touch of luxury to the home that most people appreciate.

Designed to deliver a restful bathing experience filled with tranquility and a sense of rejuvenation, lavish soaking tubs are gaining in popularity. Not only is one of these styles quieter than its counterpart, the jetted tub, but it is typically more attractive in appearance.

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a lavish soaking tub to infuse a bit of luxurious living into your life. For those homeowners who are considering a bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider your options for a lavish soaking tub prior to actually buying one.

Current styles of soaking tubs include:

  • Massaging (immersion in a tub featuring thousands of tiny bubbles that caress the body)
  • Japanese soaking tub (round or square in design)
  • Pedestal soaking tub
  • Apron soaking tub
  • Drop-in soaking tub
  • Chromotherapy (LED lighting system illuminates your bathing water in a kaleidoscope of colors)
  • Aromatherapy (features specialized dispensing system for dispersal of fragrant botanicals)
  • Freestanding soaking tub (with or without claw feet)
  • Corner soaking tub

Practical Considerations When Choosing a Lavish Soaking Tub

In many cases, the bathroom must undergo renovation in order to accommodate your new bathtub. The plumbing may need modification in order to meet the needs of out-of-the-ordinary drain, faucet, and handle configurations featured on larger-than-normal bathtubs as well as on those that are freestanding. Additionally, electrical work might be in order to meet the needs of an LED lighting system or specialized dispensing system.

Aside from specific changes that must be made to accommodate the size, shape, or functionality of a lavish soaking tub, you may want to consider changing the existing lighting fixtures in the bathroom, moving sinks and/or toilets to accommodate a larger tub, and so on.


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